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The first trip 0f 2021

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The first trip 0f 2021

It was Thursday morning and to say I was nervous would be an understatement. Had we packed everything we needed? Did I check everything correctly? And how are my towing skills? Yeah, setting off for the first getaway this year was an anxious prospect. In fact, the day before we set off, I walked around the caravan several times checking and double checking that everything was correct and ready for towing. I did need to change the batteries in the TPMS sensors and I’m really glad I checked them.

Our first trip since October 2020 was literally hours away, and to a site that is quite close to us, yet one we have never visited before, The Caravan and Motorhome Club, Malvern Hills.

The idea was to be on site with some of our close friends and spend some social distant time together. Of course, the weather changed plans quite substantially.

So, the day of travel loomed, with a knot in my stomach quite tight, I reversed up straight to the tow ball, 1st time (no one watching obviously) and the caravan hitched on perfectly. I took my time hitching up, making sure I did everything correctly. I walked through the caravan and double checked everything was just right (again). And just like that, we were on the road heading north. Despite the very dark skies and torrential down pours that followed us all the way up, the trip was quite relaxing and issue free.

Once on site, we found our hard standing pitch quite close to some of our friends and with a crowd watching on, I reversed on to the pitch. (ok, maybe just some hand shuffling to straighten up, honest)

22.3 ½ Minutes later, we were set up and enjoying a cup of tea, sat outside under the canopy freezing our extremities off in the incoming rain showers. But, we were on site and amongst friends. I must add, the canopy was brilliant not for shielding us from the sun, but adding some protection from the rain as most of our socialising was at distance outside – to comply with the COVID rules.

Our 1st meal of the trip was a rather yummy fish and chips from a chippy just up the road in Great Malvern, and I must say it was great to not cook for a change. There was of course a pile of chips left over which would have fed a family of 6 for a week. That evening we caught up with friends and had a really lovely evening as we all settled in for the next few days.

Day 2 and no fry up for us. Instead we faked the McDonalds McMuffin with ingredients we purchased from the supermarket, then after a round of coffee we contemplated our movements for the rest of the day. Our plan was to walk up the Malvern hills, but honestly the weather was not on our side, so we abandoned the idea, instead opting for a gentle stroll around the Priory and to buy some nibbles for when we returned.

Malvern is really pretty and a meander between independent shops and book stores really helped lift spirits. We found ourselves walking around the old Abbey and the Priory, sadly we couldn’t walk inside, but we do plan to re-visit the town in the summer and hopefully less rain showers!



Once back at the caravan our afternoon went something like this. Get the chairs out in the sun, lay back and relax. Admittedly, I fell asleep while Angela took in some reading of her latest book. The cat also was enjoying some peace and quiet as he stayed asleep for the majority of the trip, only waking up to eat and drink


The evening meal was hastily thrown together on the Cadac, some roasted veg and Chinese style pork. Easy, quick and very yummy.

The evening was again spent in the company of our friends. It amazing how much we have missed the company of others. Although

we constantly chat via FaceTime or Skype, there is nothing like being in the same space and chatting with others. Of course, the evening was complimented by some fine cheese, port and charcuterie we purchased from Waitrose in Malvern.

Our last full day in onsite was a wet one, so with little planned we just took life easy, except we did have one last activity to perform. A group meal, which included 2 Cadacs, a Camping Gaz and everyone bringing the same ingredients.

The planned meal was a Hungarian Paprikash, which really works well when feeding a lot of hungry people. The recipe included Chicken, Onion, Paprika, salt and pepper, cream and a few other ingredients that provide flavour. The dish served with rice is such a lovel

y meal, in fact there was plenty left over for some of the group to take home for dinner the next day.

An evening of tea, cake and card games followed, and it was a lovely way to end the gathering.

The next day was the reluctant pack up and head home. But the day started with the most amazing sunrise over the site, I wish I was in a more photogenic location than looking at the on-site storage.  Pack up took just a couple of hours, we take our time cleaning and sorting everything ready for the next trip away, But even checking and double checking everything, I still managed to not shut the roof light correctly. As we headed out of the site, a kind motorist on the opposite side of the road, stopped us and informed us of the open roof light. Phew, that could have been messy and expensive.

And so, there it is, a brief write up and summary of a little get away. One that I was certainly nervous about, glad we had and one that has renewed our love for just getting away from it all. Now, onto the next one this time with less rain perhaps.



  1. It certainly was a yummy food fest! With great company

  2. Well good to hear we weren’t only ones excited but bit anxious about our first trip out in caravan

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