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Meet Us

We are a family based in Wiltshire who have recently embarked on the great caravan adventure. We have not taken many holidays in recent years but now we have many booked in just 12 short months. Join us as we spend the 1st year of caravan ownership finding new places, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences with you.


So who exactly are we ?



I’m the daddy. As I often keep reminding everyone. Very simply my opinions mean nothing as the democracy of the family unit often overturns what I think or say. I work in IT, am a keen Amateur Radio geek and can be found spending all my spare time on Twitter. Be social – pop in and say hi.


Im the sensible one. But then anything I say that is laced with common sense often gets ignored, So i just sit back and let it all happen. My full time job is running around after this lot, but I do run my own nail technician business and I also bake amazing cakes; in my very sparse spare time I love Pole fitness, reading and visiting the gym. And then after all that, well its Criminal Case and Candy Crush right ?


Some say I’m the moody teenager. I hate it when people say that. So much so, that I might just lock myself in my bedroom for a week. Im in the last year of my GCSEs and love all things technical, mechanical, noisy and smelly. This is when i insert a joke about my father, but I better not just yet.


Im the self confessed MineCraft guru of the family. Apart from reading, playing and watching all Minecraft related things I love the outdoors and watching Wildlife with my big brother. I love writing, reading, and making mess.



Wow. I’m such a clever dog. Not only can i chase my own tail, but apparently I can write on blogs too. Im the big brown daft Labrador. I keep them all in order. Mostly by spreading mud, hair and smell around the house. Im the softy of the family too. Just make sure we don’t mention the fish, cats or broken toys in here.

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