What’s this all about?

Well its remarkably simple really. Up until 2014 we had not had a family holiday in 8 years. Due to work commitments and general laziness we just haven’t gotten around to it.

It came to a head when in the summer Angela & myself both realised that actually we need a break away from the house, away from everyday life. It then dawned on us that to go away for a week to somewhere like Turkey, Cyprus, Spain or Portugal, the children would play by the pool and we would end up reading, we would all eat like pigs and have a couple of day excursions. The cost for achieving this would be upon average £3,000.00 to complete all that we would want to get out of a holiday. And this would only be for 7 days.

It was then that I proposed we go camping. Angela wasn’t too keen on the idea of a tent so we discussed the idea of a caravan. We then decided a £7,000 limit would get us a decent caravan and so the hunt began.

IMG_2514Well cut a long story short. The £7,000 budget soon went out the window and we ended up buying a caravan at nearly twice that price. In fact we ended up with a Lunar Clubman ES (2010) – we christened it Lenny.

In 2015 we booked 6 holidays. we couldn’t even get to £2,800.00 including site fees, spending cash, fuel and some day excursions for all the family. We learnt a lot from our first year of touring, and we hope this blog and our Youtube vlogs offer some of our knowledge to you.

2015 was a year of exploration for us. Visiting new locations, and old childhood favourites.

What is the reason for this blog? I found that as a complete beginner I wanted to find a useful place for information, and sadly nowhere was able to offer all the information I wanted. Simple things like how to clean the caravan, towing tips and the order in which to set up etc. So that is what we plan on doing here. As we learn, make mistakes and discover the “proper way” we will share our knowledge so to help you. So please subscribe, please read our ramblings and why not let us know if we are helping you.

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