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YouTube Channel promotion

If you would like to share and promote your YouTube channel on one of our videos, here is your opportunity. We would like to showcase caravanning, Motor-homing and camping channels on our channel to promote and build a UK touring community on YouTube. There are many channels that create some great content and just don’t get the exposure they deserve. So, here is how it works :


1. Create a 30 second advert.
You create an advert for your channel. Include who you are, what you do and how you do it in your own style.
2. Upload your completed advert to YouTube.
Have your video set to “unlisted” so its not publicly viewable but can be viewed using the direct link.

3. Fill in the form.
Complete the form below and give details of your channel name, URL and the link to the advert.

So, that’s all you need to do. Once we receive your details, we will review the advert and download it for use in one of our videos. We will include the link to your channel, use your advert at the end of our video and promote your channel as much as we can. Hopefully your channel will get more exposure and create a bigger online touring community.

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