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Dash Cam – Part 3

Posted by on May 16, 2015 in Technical | 2 comments

Dash Cam – Part 3

The camera is installed, the cable is tidy, now to configure and test the camera.

Set up is easy. Using the 4 buttons on the back you can access the menu and set the date and time, configure and play with some settings. Its not worth me going through the options as there are plenty of unboxing and set up reviews on YouTube. However here is some of the features I have set on my installation.

  • Resolution – 1080p
  • Motion Detector – Off
  • G Sensor – Off
  • Exposure – +/- 0 (this may change !)
  • Loop Time – 5Mins
  • Beep – Off (no annoying startup or shut down sound)
  • Screen Protection – 3 mins
  • Sound – Off.

The most important thing I did do on start up was to format the SD card INSIDE the camera. To ensure the SD card was fully usable by the camera. Reading some comments on-line this is an important step.

Here is some sample footage of the 1st day after I installed it. The exposure may need to change, and after reviewing this footage I did tighten up the clamp even more to prevent some of that shake you can sometimes see.

Ok, so the footage is not broadcast quality and on uploading to YouTube some of the detail has been lost. But the whole point of this camera is “Can I see what’s happening at the front of the car?” the answer is yes. I even paused some of the footage I took to read an oncoming number plate. And yes, even at a closing speed of 100mph (2 x 50mph on a A road) I can easily read the number plates of oncoming cars.

Would I recommend this camera? For the price, you really cannot go wrong. Of course I’m early on into the installation. I have yet to see whether the camera will last for a few years, but right now I’m seriously considering installing one into my own car.

I hope you have found this of use, please feel free to contact me for any questions or comments.



  1. Hi Dan.
    Good review and helpful info.
    Through this, I have watched techmoan and have now fitted my dash cam. I went for the one he has in his car-the M6. I liked the magnetic mount.

    Really enjoying your vlogs. What happened to the de-humidifier tips? We have them in our van, and can’t believe how much water they collect!

    Have seen you a few times on Channel 5 advertising the Caravan show you are appearing in. Looking forward to seeing you in that. Caravanning is the new cool! Love it!

    Anyway Dan, hope you are all well.
    All the best,

    • Hi Paul, sorry for the delay its been a bit manic here.

      the dehumidifier video is on the list of things to film, so its more apt at this time of year to film too. so not long.

      Thanks for stopping by. Stay tuned on YouTube for more content soon.



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