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What a year, but now what?

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What a year, but now what?

12 months ago, to the day, we were sat in our awning at Bladdon Chains. We were surrounded by our friends, left over Christmas food and festive drinks. Back then we didn’t worry about social distancing or the wearing of face masks. In fact, we were all huddled together to keep warm and to share the food and drinks. Fast forward to today and its quite a different story. I’m sat at home, in front of my Mac, with no one around me.

It’s amazing how different the world is just 12 months later. In-fact thinking of our circle of friends sat in that awning, it’s now a completely different dynamic. From those close friends, one is divorced, one lost their job, two sold their caravans, one bought a motorhome and two lost their parents, while one other thinks the rest of the group are assholes (Merry Christmas to you by the way 😂 …) And yet throughout all of this, I’m closer to that group of people than I’ve ever been, whilst we have never been so far apart.

2020 can be called many things, forgettable, a disaster or even just plain horrible. For us it’s been the ultimate expression of “good intentions”. In that awning, in between the cheese, the ham and bottles of port, we planned and intended to do so much this year. We were all heading to France in one mighty convoy, having a beach holiday in Wales and a private gathering to really let our hair down and do all the things you can’t do on a campsite – including not parking up to the peg, and dogs off leads! Closer to home we also planned to explore the Certificated Sites and Locations of the national clubs even more. We did start with great enthusiasm staying at a CL back in February. I recall at that CL, listening to the radio while we sat and watched red kites majestically hovering around us. It was a good holiday and at that moment set the tone and expectations for the year ahead.

Just 4 weeks later however, I found myself cancelling 5 of our planned breaks, including France. As it turned out, we only went away 5 times in the caravan and covered a miserable 427miles with the caravan (as noted by our tracker) in the entire year. Looking at our mileage tracker – the gaps in the summer make for some rather depressing viewing of zero miles travelled for 4 months.

It would be easy to wallow in the bad news of 2020, it really would. Sure, we succumbed to illness, and yes, we had wobbles of despair. Sadly, we lost friends, neighbours and work colleagues to the pandemic. And for someone who will remain nameless, even blew up their tow car (I’m not saying another word on that!), but we fared better than most. We had each other, we had our health, and we remained safe. In fact, we survived the 12 months relatively unscathed.

During the year I resurrected some of my passions and interests. I built a model train, got back into my comic collection, repaired and restored some retro computers & game consoles and generally geeked out. (The fruits of my labour can be seen on my personal Instagram account. http://instagram.com/dan_trudgian ) For me it was a cathartic process and one I really enjoyed. On the other hand Angela started crafting again, making some rather impressive pieces of art. Which brings me onto the conclusion of this blog post. What next?

With vaccines on the horizon, a breath of fresh thinking and a COVID secure caravanning infrastructure, what now for us? Do we pick up where we left off in February? Do we make plans now, or like we have been doing thus far, take each day as it comes? I’m acutely aware that some sites are already booked up for the year ahead and it looks like the campsites will be running at capacity throughout the warmer months. There are a few things I would love to try in 2021 (keeping shhh for the moment) which will really push us to explore more and go about our holidays in a different manner. All very exciting, hopefully you will see this come to fruition in the Spring. Not forgetting of course, the nameless person needs to replace the tow car for one that doesn’t have remnants of turbo veins in the DPF!

So how does 2021 look for you? Are you making plans or waiting to see what is going to happen? Right now, we seem to be on the verge of another peak in cases, rumours about staggered schools starts and perhaps yet another lockdown. As ever, your thoughts are really welcomed, and I’m sure you will be in the same predicament as us.

Anyway, that’s it from me on this cold December day. I’m off for more cheese and crackers, and maybe some of the ham I cooked up this Christmas and perhaps a cheeky Facetime with my friends later.

I’d just like to wish each one of you a safe New year and hopefully a brighter 2021. And as for 2020, well you’ll be a syllabus item for schools in years to come. Nuff said!


  1. Well 2020 can do one it’s been the worst year ever for many reasons but on the other hand it does make you realise who your real friends are. Roll on 2021 for a Covid free world where everyone will hopefully be thankful for what they have got or what they had before The world of Covid.

  2. And all the best for the new year to you Angela & Family, looking forward to some more blogs.

  3. You summed up this last year very succinctly Dan. Times change, some friends come and go, but real friends are there for you no matter what. Here’s to safe travels and a happier 2021!!

  4. Hi Dan,
    This is my first ever post on any kind of social media platform but after a very weird and unique year I have found myself doing lots of things for the first time.
    Anyway I am new to caravaning having bought mine almost two years ago now. I have got the hang of most things now but must say it was your videos which have got me through those early trips on how to do things. They were invaluable and felt like a mate who was always there to help if I got stuck.
    I don’t want to dwell too much on 2020 as for me there has been more downs than ups, but looking forward to going away in the van has kept me going. Sadly like most people I have had to cancel most of my planned van trips as they have all fallen within periods of covid restrictions. I have even thought of selling my van due to the lack of use.
    But it’s been your videos and others, as well as the monthly CAMC magazine that keeps me hoping things will be ok soon and we can start visiting some of our wonderful country again.
    Happy 2021 fingers crossed.

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