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Useful apps while camping

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Useful apps while camping

The addition of technology has helped in every element of day to day living and my expectation of camping was to depart from the technology for just a few days. I wasn’t expecting, however, to find applications that help with the setting up and overall caravanning experience. But I have. I’ve found some really helpful applications and I thought I would share these with you


*We use Apple devices, but there are many applications that provide the same functionality on Android devices too.



icon175x175Finding a dog friendly pub close by can be quite a challenge, especially when you are not familiar with the area. I find this free application “Doggity” excellent at telling me before I set off from the Caravan if the Sunday lunch is actually a plausible meal option. This application is free.


Satellite TV

icon175x175I find this application excellent when setting up the dish.  You can overlay the satellites on a screenshot of your location. So you can ensure a clear field of view. The application knows where you are, where the “birds” are and plots them on an overlay of your location. This application is free


Antenna Aligner

icon175x175-5On the similar theme of TV set up. This application has a list of all the UK transmitters and uses your location to find the closest one to you. Helpfully it also informs you how to have your antenna configured. It really takes a lot of guess work out of pointing the caravan aerial at the TV mast. Sadly this application is not free – it costs £2.29 


On the level.

icon175x175-2Okay so everyone has a proper sprit level don’t they ? Well not all the time. A free download and you will always have a fairly accurate spirit level in your pocket. This application is Free.


Tree ID

Hicon175x175-2ave you ever been out on a lovely walk and wondered “What is that tree ?” well it is often a discussion on our walks. This application allows you to slim down by a process of elimination what the tree is likely to be. Choosing the leaf shape, bark type and general look and size you can quickly work out what it is that you are standing next to. Sadly, this application is not free. It costs £2.99


National trust

icon175x175-3If you are a member of the NT you really need the free application. It allows you to find the closest property to your location and showing you all the important information like opening times, directions and any special notices that need consideration etc. This application is free


Campsites & Caravan parks

icon175x175-4This application shows on a map independent, Caravan club, Camping & Caravan Club sites and other national clubs filtered by your selection. For example you can choose Dog friendly and adults only etc. Sadly this application is not free it costs £2.29



icon175x175-4This was recommended to me by a friend, and I must say this application is possibly the most used of all the applications. Finding Cash Machines, Car Parks, Super Markets, Fuel stations and a lot more besides from your handset is such a huge help when you’re in a location you are not familiar with. This application is free.


So I hope that list helps you. Some of these applications will need your location to work correctly and you will need to have a good phone signal too. If you don’t then you will genuinely have to carry on without any technology. which we all secretly want isn’t it ?


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  1. Thanks Dan. I’m an NT member but didn’t know about their app. And AroundMe could be very useful. So I’ve installed both apps on my phone. My wife and I travel to Preston and then the Lake District shortly, from Northern Ireland, so as people not familiar with those areas these apps could be very useful to us.


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