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Holiday Audio books

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Holiday Audio books

When away in the caravan there are a number of activities that can be enjoyed to pass the time, unwind or invigorate the mind.

For me, its audio books. I love them. For years I have listened to plays, dramas and comedy shows on the radio, but now im moving into the audio book realm too

I recently started a subscription to Audible. Where for £7.99 a month I get a credit each month that allows me to download to my phone, tablet or Kindle an Audio Book from over 200,000 titles.

The library is vast. And apart from some old favourites I have previously downloaded – there are some great titles that the whole family can enjoy.

Sitting outside in the warm sun, listening to a great whodunit or hilarious comedy is a perfect way to unwind. It’s the imagination that does the work, painting the colour of the rooms, the backdrop and the characters while my mind is taken away from everyday drudgery and stresses. Crikey, its wanting me to take up a new audio book right now.

Of course, its not just limited to the phone or tablet, the Audio books can be enjoyed in the car too, and in fact that is where some of the old BBC radio shows are often played and some thought provoking factual titles as well. So here is my personal top 5 right now :


The Curious incident of the dead dog in the night-time. – Mark Haddon
Narrated by Ben Tibber


Murder at the Vicarage – Agatha Christie
Narrated by Joan Hickson


Human Universe – Prof. Brian Cox
Narrated by Samuel West


Parsnips Buttered – Joe Lycett
Narrated by Joe Lycett


Utterly impartial history of Britain. – John O’Farrell
Narrated by John O’Farrell

If you want to experience Audio books for yourself, then you can take advantage of the 30 day free trial of Audible and download any of the 200,00 titles in the library, just follow the link below.

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