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What’s in the box ?

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What’s in the box ?

As I write this, I cannot shake the theme tune from Blankety blank when asking myself “Whats in the box?” Anyway – enough of my current ear worms, the caravan tool box is an essential piece of kit for any serious touring holiday. But what exactly should you have in it ?

I recently viewed some posts online that asked exactly this question. I decided therefore to share what we have packed in our special blue box. Its not a comprehensive tool box, but has enough bits in it to enable a quick repair, bodge or fix for when we are away.

Moreover when I have some jobs that need fixing while the caravan is in storage, I often don’t require many any other tools. Usually a small kit and a multi purpose screwdriver will suffice.

fixa-piece-tool-set__0114491_PE266984_S4Our small kit started life with a  purchase from Ikea. A 17 piece tool kit was what we started with and to be fair we haven’t needed to add much to this, other than some glues, screws and brackets.

The only items that are not included in the kit is some Gaffa tape, some Paracord and a small selection of cable ties. To view our tool kit why not watch our video below.




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