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Vango Varkala Connect review

Posted by on Jul 1, 2018 in Featured, Reviews | 2 comments

Vango Varkala Connect review

To be completely upfront with you, I’m not a fan of air awnings. We had a very expensive and bad experience with one a few years ago. Ultimately, the roof sagged, water pooled, the fabric stretched and ruined the awning.

It was on that basis that we decided to purchase our rollaway awning. We loved it because it was easy and quick to put up, we could change the layout and configure inside / outside spaces. We loved it. Nothing could come close in its ability to be all things for all occasions.

Vango asked us some time ago to become ambassadors and review their products. I knew that one day we would be asked to review an awning of theirs, and I had a real issue with being honest about something I’m not particularly fond of.

Vango had always said to me to be completely honest, upfront and share my thoughts with our audience, and my opportunity came when we were asked to review the Vango Varkala Connect 360.

The awning itself is a 360mm x 250mm air awning. It has 3 inflation points, has a number of design features I really like, a couple of issues I don’t like, but the awning does have an amazing party trick.

Here is the video of our review, its filmed over 2 separate weeks (due to very poor weather) and I share the areas I like, dislike and give you an ultimate answer of “do I like it ? would I buy one”


For more information of the awning and the parts we have discussed follow these links :



  1. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the excellent review, which was of particular interest to me as I am considering replacing my Kampa air awning.
    Have you considered a review of the New Dorema full size air awning, or have you any thoughts on them?



  2. Hi thanks for this brilliant review. I was wondering how you think this one would cope if it was left up over the six week summer holiday?

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