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Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Posted by on Sep 2, 2016 in Featured, Reviews, Technical | 1 comment

Tyre Pressure Monitoring

Last week we were sent a tyre pressure monitoring system from Tyre Pal. Who asked us to demonstrate how easy the sensors are to install, how quick the system is to set up and configure your parameters.

We recorded the installation and yes the system really is that easy. If we were not filming I’m pretty sure the whole install would have taken less than 5 minutes once the manual had been read and digested.

What is great about this kit is Tyre Pal include all the equipment you will need to install and maintain your sensors. The kit is available with varying numbers of sensors allowing you to monitor the car and the caravan all on one handy unit.


Sometimes timing is everything. Literally, a week after the installation video went live on YouTube we suffered our very first puncture. I was able to act, pull over and slow in a controlled manor when the monitor alerted me to the fact that one tyre had a fast leakage and that the pressure was now decreasing. If I had not had the monitor running, who knows what would have happened as I was trundling down the road. I wouldn’t have known a thing until it was too late.

Anyway, we managed to limp back to the storage site, Caravan Jacked, wheel removed, tyre replaced.

Here is our installation video :



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  1. Hi there, enjoying your blog from ISRAEL
    Is there any new recommended products today or this is still good choice for my new caravan

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