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TourerFest 2019

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TourerFest 2019

Hi everyone, Its Jules from Here We Tow writing a guest blog and i’m delighted to announce the details of TourerFest 2019. It has been a journey since last May 2018 from Anita’s touring park. We have felt that the time is right to announce the efforts so far from Iain, Andy, and Jon, but first lets bring you up to speed with what we have done just to get to this point. To keep this brief we have been in contact with several companies and secured some potential sponsors for this years event. I think it would be unfair at this stage to name these as we are still trying to sort out what we need. I added this as from initial negotiations the prizes and offerings are what money can’t buy, so basically watch this space and if this is not a reason to get excited with the inclusion of meeting up again with all our online friends from the Caravanning, Motorhoming and camping community then we don’t know what is.

The Cadac cookoff – we feel that this was a huge success and therefore this is going to be making a return for 2019 but as you would expect a little more refined and hopefully with bigger and better prizes (Jules and Iain are definite judges but more may be added – watch this space)

The raffle – This was an absolute no-brainer for us. The money that we raised for the stroke association was in short phenomenal and just to say for those that took part – thank you. We have decided to do another raffle due to last years success and are yet to nominate a charity but feel that as Cancer has almost definitely effected peoples lives either with dealing with or seeing a loved one dealing with this then this is where we are looking to donate this year. As all causes are deserved we just have to finalise this and will keep you informed.

Here we Tow

Gives nothing away but just wants to reiterate that this is down to you. All the people that attended / wanted to attend last year and did so either in person or if not by helping out by buying tickets and watching the videos that were created. We have to remember that this is a family holiday event – giving the opportunity to meet up together in person and have a laugh in the environment that we all share as our holidaying pastime and hobby. Also that there may be a beverage or two that may or may not be consumed.

Caravan Shorts

Here we cover what will be available for children, after discussing / debriefing what went well and what didn’t we realised that the children entertainment was a big hit, even though most of them were happy running around playing football and generally making new friend we though that it would be nice to have a little more arranged. This is where Jon’s expertise comes into play so he covers games including rounders, rock painting, arts and crafts and paracord lessons if this is something that you and the children may be interested in then we will be making a list of items to bring so that everyone can participate and nobody is left out. This also leads onto a possible junior cadac cookoff again more details will be released closer to the time and once we have an idea of numbers that want to attend.

Make Way With the Morleys

Andy then summarises all the above giving the details that we have all been waiting for – Where we have actually booked :-

But I’m not giving that away just yet as I want to say that the site location has been extremely difficult to determine. This has come off the back of contacting in excess of 20+ sites and for one reason or another these have been unsuitable or quite frankly disinterested due to the time of year. One site – which will remain un-named was ideal – this was in the location – had more electric hook up (which almost everybody asked for last time) was family friendly, had the site that could easy include event shelters and the area for children to play and meet and was good also for anybody who had disabilities. It had It all and was receptive for us to attend then late November ( yes only around 2 weeks ago from writing this) we attended and it was apparent that all the promises and “good will” was taken back leaving us with a decision to make. We made this decision – not lightly and started the search again in different areas and then to our urgent need the Caravan and Motorhome Club came to the aid of #TourerFest 2019. This leads me on to say that this year the event will be held at……


Longleat Caravan and Motorhome Club site
BA12 7NL

Now I know what you are thinking – maybe that this is a little further south than was muted, and yes we will agree but hoping that you will understand after reading what we have been through to decide this (But technically this is still in the Wiltshire county). If this is a disappointment then please hear us out – what we have come up with is that due to it being south this year and not as central as the last one what I (Jules) am currently on with is sites looking north as we think that its only right and fair that we have had one centrally, one south and one to be north and this is how we came to this.

So to cover some formalities what do we need to do now ?

To attend and book this you will have to go to the @thetrudgians shop to put down £25 to secure a place at TourerFest. This will enable us to determine the demand and to ensure that we have the numbers that would like to attend. This will ensure exclusivity to the event and access to the closed Facebook group that we have running which will have all information and itinerary for the rally. We have secured 60 EHU pitches and please look at the Caravan and Motorhome Club site for more information however we would ask that you PLEASE DON’T BOOK WITH THE SITE DIRECTLY IF YOU ARE A MEMBER – This will totally falsify the figures that we need and this will also not include you in the rally / event that we have set up, as we need the information for the welcome goody pack that we are putting together exclusively for you to attend with us.
As you can imagine this is quite a logistical operation that we have put together in order to make this a fantastic holiday for you all to enjoy.

The price

As it stands at this moment in time (this is what we genuinely believe the 2019 price will be) the price is as follow:-

£11.80 pitch fee per night
£9.70 per adult per night
£3.70 per child per night

You can book your place by clicking here, deposits are being taken from 8am Friday 7th December.


  1. Looking to book Touerfest 2019

  2. Hi guys,

    We’re trying to find the form to fill ( as above by clicking ) to be ready for Friday
    It says out of stock does this mean there are no more forms available ?

    If you could confirm if I’m reading the procedure correctly


  3. hi, we have placed our booking and paid the deposit for tourerfest 2019, order number 1540.

    we currently live in tenerife and the sale of our house here completes on the 11th january and we shall be returning to the uk on the 15th january. after 18 years here.

    we will be living with the mother in law, which is the address and phone number we have given on the order form, until we purchase our new home but will be buying a caravan to get some space from the in law until we find somewhere to buy and live.

    we have loved your vlogs and, because of that, we have decided that we will be purchasing a caravan on our return and enjoy the uk weather.

    we have received your confirmation email and as soon as we have our caravan and car we shall be in touch to let you have details of our caravan and registration number.

    hope this is okay.

    cant wait

    and as a post script, if you know of anyone with a bailey unicorn 2012 pamplona for sale, we would be very interested.

    have a fab day

    colin, sarah and ryan x

  4. hi
    whens the next update guys

  5. Absolutely gutted! by the time we had saved and now got a new caravan, I think Tourer fest 2019 has sold out… Plz let us know if any spaces become available especially as the proceeds may go to cancer charities. My dad is at the end of his prostrate cancer journey. Also after losing his Mum and brother to cancer, my husband Paul has donated lots of money directly to hospices plz check out “carpin4cancer” fishing fundraiser, he organised for many years….If you gain spaces plz let us know as we would love to take part.

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