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Top 5 caravanning apps for 2018

Posted by on Jun 10, 2018 in Featured, Technical | 4 comments

Top 5 caravanning apps for 2018

It wasn’t so long ago that I created a post detailing the apps I find really useful when out and about in the caravan.  As we all know, technology moves on at a fair old pace these days, so it was only fair that I revisited this topic and gave a list of my top 5 caravanning apps for 2018. Who knows, perhaps I will need to update this again next year.

Instead of listing them here, I created a video on our YouTube channel, Links to all the apps are in the video description. But what do you think ? what apps do you use and do you think there is a vital application missing that would help and assist anyone using a caravan or motorhome.

Let me know your thoughts and i look forward to reading your suggestions.


  1. Ive already got some these but will get “around me”

  2. As I stated I already have some of the apps mentioned apart from your No1.

  3. Another very polished presentation Dan. CaravAndroid is a useful android app that I use from time to time. Amongst other features it has a useful set of caravan checklists. I’m a great believer in checklists and never set off or set up without going through my checklists – the modern caravan is quite complicated, especially for a comparative newbie like me and I just don’t trust my memory enough to make sure I get it right every time.

  4. The SpiritLevel app, I have just looked for one on the Iphone (IOS) but all the apps currently in the store do not look like the one in the video.
    Has this been updated with different graphics?


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