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The Gower

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The Gower

In June we were able to spend a long weekend with our friends in The Gower, South Wales. The weekend had been long planned and, in total there was around 12 of us that ended up going.

We were the only family that ventured out with a caravan; all our friends were pitched up in their tents. Some of our friends are hardened campers, others mere novices. But the camping mentality of help and share soon became the norm. Of course being friends anyway we tend to share everything. Gin, burgers and the occasional hug.

As we were the only ones with a caravan we were sadly separated from the others. It wasn’t such a big deal, but it did mean we were isolated form all the fun when everyone goes to bed. Now, I wanted to film the weekend and I had every intention of doing this while we were away in South Wales. But – fun got in the way. I was too engrossed with my friends and catching up, it really wasn’t relevant to film us all in a less than sober attire.

Our weekend was set to be a long affair from Friday to Monday, but the weather dictated in the end the length of the stay at Three Cliffs Bay.

We did however enjoy an excellent evening on the 1st night. After some fairly stressful moments trying to erect the awning on fairly windy conditions, we all settled down around a camp fire enjoying some pulled pork and lashings of Gin – it was good to be amongst friends.
Saturday saw us all venture down to the beach and take in the fresh sea breeze. We all did get horribly sunburnt however. But on the plus side it gave a good talking point for the evenings BBQ and again lashings of gin. Im not sure, but can you see a trend going on here ?

Sunday and the weather really gave up on us. The sun was replaced by mist. The warmth replaced by rain. It was a miserable place to be. So much so, that many of us decided to head back home.

And who could blame them. We stuck it out until Monday but on reflection maybe we should have headed back on Sunday. As the wind really increased dramatically and gave us a terrible night’s sleep.

So, that’s it. No video. No summary and to be honest very few photos. In fact this was such a poor attempt of filming friends and showing what we get up to – we have booked another weekend, this time closer to home and over the August bank holiday weekend. So please don’t judge us until then.


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