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The Clean regeme.

Posted by on May 20, 2015 in Featured, Technical | 1 comment

The Clean regeme.

Back in March I wrote on how we keep our caravan clean. Well I had literally a couple of emails asking for more information. So, not content with writing lots of words – I created a video on how we clean, what we use and how the results turn out. This cleaning regime is only for the outside. Inside is a completely different beast.

Anyway here is the video.


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  1. Hi Dan, decided to see what you had to say about cleaning the van – in our case out of storage so it had all the winter muck and greenery. I’d never come across snow foam but would like to say thanks for the advice – this stuff is brilliant and doesn’t it do a great job. I’ll certainly follow the rest of your cleaning regime (note the spelling!) – great advice and a big thankyou. Maybe we’ll bump into you and the family again sometime.

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