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Snow days.

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Snow days.

Picture the scene. I’m sat with my family laughing at the latest Casey Neistat video of him snowboarding through Time Square in New York. After a huge downpour of snow, the US really have it bad right now. It’s a complete white out on the east coast.

I recall a few years ago that 2 weeks after a storm hit the US we in the UK suffered its back lash. I know this as I was travelling on the Scillonian ferry from Penzance to the Scilly isles in pretty choppy waters. It wasn’t a great sailing highlight, but I digress. Why am I concerned ? I work from home, the schools are all very close and Angela can walk to work in the absence of any car getting off the driveway. But in 2 weeks we head off to the Cotswolds for our first 2016 holiday. In February we take on Morton on Marsh.

If its wet, windy and just generally crap weather, we will still go. If however its snowing I will have to think long and hard about venturing out. My main concern is not while we are there but towing a caravan while in the snow, or icy conditions. It simply doesn’t appeal to me what so ever.

That said, if its okay when we go, I will still pack the van a few extra bits and bobs to ensure that any white out (3 or 4 cm usually brings the UK to a standstill) we will be prepared and ready for it.



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