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Ship shape and Bristol fashion

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Ship shape and Bristol fashion

One of the big selling points of caravanning for us was the ability to leave work on a Friday evening, pick up the caravan and have a weekend away somewhere other than home. Within 60 minutes of travelling (for us) we are outside of our home county and in a new location.

This was exactly the arrangement on a September weekend in Bristol. We arranged out of pure coincidence that we would go away with our friends to a Certificated Location on the outskirts of Bristol.

We visited Hortham Farm – Wood View CL for 2 nights, the cost for the weekend was just £15 per pitch per night. For that we had Electric Hook up, fresh water, waste and no other facilities, which suits us well. Hortham Farm have 2 sites within stone’s throw of Bristol Caravans. At the time we visited the farm was busy cutting and processing the harvest from the fields that surrounded the property, it made for some great viewing.

Access to the site was brilliant, just 3 minutes off the M5 junction at Almondsbury and with wide, navigable roads we arrived in good time and with little fuss. I decided to reverse onto the pitch, rather than unhitch and use the mover – sometimes it’s just quicker and easier. Of course, with no audience and no one to watch, I reversed straight in perfectly 1st time. Honest.

With no awning and only 2 nights worth of food and clothes we set up in a record 21mins. It really isn’t hard if you are prepared.

So, while we waited for James & Reg, Andy & Kate and Damian to arrive and set up, we started on the task of cooking dinner. Chloe decided we needed a curry and frankly who could argue. A Thai green Chicken curry was soon created on the Cadac. With Jasmine rice and prawn crackers it really is a lovely meal in the caravan.

Later that evening we gathered in front of the caravans, socially distant of course and welcomed our friends, who we had not seen for quite some time. It was great to meet up and bond once again, and despite what you may think – we drank tea, responsibly of course.

On a bright, sunny Saturday morning I cooked up some tasty cornflakes, presented outside, washed it down with some fresh coffee and started preparations for dinner that night. We were having slow cooked beef, carrots – served with roast potatoes. A slow cooker is such an excellent investment for a caravan, they take little space use small amounts of power and can create a tasty meal while you enjoy a day out. And that was our plan.

Once the dinner was prepared and ready, the dog walked and our surroundings explored, we set off in a group to Cribbs Causeway where everyone (except us) booked in for a cheeky Nandos. We took in the sights of a COVID secure shopping Mall, had a photo opportunity of some tow bars in the car park and bought some bits and bobs. Of course, we enjoyed a Starbucks (1st one of the year) while in the Mall. I must say the whole experience was quite odd. Queues and distancing made the atmosphere quite unsettling. So, we returned within an hour or so, as our plans had changed once again, and we were expecting a visitor at the site. At the time government advice allowed us to meet outside, so we took advantage of this and met up back at the caravan. The weather was perfect for sitting and chatting. No afternoon chat would be complete without tea and doughnuts, which we duly supplied.

The afternoon gave way to the evening and our slow cooked meal, For those who are interested, this is how we created the dish. We simply add diced beef, with a few carrots, fry up until brown, then add some flour, mix until all the beef is coated, then add an oxo cube, some water to cover, Worcestershire sauce and a dollop of marmite. Mix and bring to a simmer before decanting to a slow cooker. Leave for 6 hours to “do its thing” and that’s it. I cheated with the potatoes though. Firstly, I cooked some potato’s in the microwave, allowed to cool and sliced into 4, where upon I fried them on the Cadac with crushed garlic, dried rosemary & sea salt. Overall, the meal was a success. I’m not a cook, but as Steven Seagal once said – “I also cook”

Once dinner was served, and food items cleaned away we sat outside, with blankets and space between us for more chat, conversation and silly stories, all of which I cannot repeat. But it was so good to finally meet some people and be social once again. We also introduced Andy to the delights of Port & cheese.

Sunday morning came around way too quick. But like any certificated location, it’s a far easier, less stressful pack up procedure. We took our time, hosted a coffee morning, enjoyed some of Damien’s birthday cake and still left before 12pm.

A quick weekend away, was just what the doctor ordered, and we all left for home refreshed and relaxed. I recommend the Hortham Farm sites, although their proximity to the motorway and overhead power lines might put some people off, however its excellent location and being able to get into the centre of Bristol with ease is a huge positive. It’s also a great place to stop off, if you are travelling to Cornwall of Devon.

Oh, and yes we will return to the CL, it is very good.


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  1. Ahhh that seems such a long time ago, just sad we couldn’t spend the whole weekend, but a really nice secluded place to meet up. Let’s hope it won’t be long before we can do it again…..and this time at least, we will have our own accommodation!

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