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Rollaway awning

Posted by on May 20, 2016 in Featured, Technical | 12 comments

Rollaway awning

Since 2014 we have owned a Kampa Air pro 390 awning. It was our very first awning and at the beginning all was well.

In recent months, however, we have started to notice a few shortcomings with the air awning concept. Not wanting to babble on here are just a few of our highlight issues :


1. Twisting air poles

2. Slack roof panels

3. High condensation

4. Leaky roof

For us, the biggest issue we have with the awning, is inability to erect it at home to “dry it off” when packed away damp. Its just so big, and in 1 piece. Angela & I searched for options and we came up with the Quest Leisure Rollaway awning.

We purchased this awning in Feb 2016 and took delivery in May. The awning is simple. The roof stays attached to the awning rail, and is rolled up. The sides, extra poles and skirts are like most awnings and remain inside when in transit.

The benefit of this awning is its flexibility. It can be just a canopy, a fully enclosed awning or segmented off into half and half.

The floor space is about the same as our Air awning. It gives us 400mm x 250mm which is plenty big enough for us all. Angela & I installed the awning and had a trail set up and set down with the awning. Below is a quick video showing our efforts while we were in storage.

We are really excited to have this awning and our 1st real test will be in just a few days when we venture off to Devon for 5 nights. We have already purchase an inner tent for Tom, so we are set for him to have his own space while we are away.




  1. Thank for this. I have been search for a more comprihensive clip of this Awning and this fits the bill 100%

    This is on our shopping list and will make the purchase.

    Thank again.

    • Hi Nick, Glad to have been some help. Have a look at our Day 1 episode of Devon, you will se the awning, going up, and being used. I hope that gives you a better “feel” for it.

      In all honesty – we got this awning up, sorted and pegged out in the same time as we did an air awning. but this is far more versatile.

      Take Care,


      • hi dan, once the awning is slid into the rail, how does it remain fitted without sliding back and forth?
        regards oli

  2. Thanks Dan. I think we have made the decission to buy one, just working on getting the best price. We use to have the Caravanstore and then changed it last year to a porch awning, worse thing we ever did. We like to sit under a canopy most of the time but would like the option of having a full awning if needed. Thanks for the Video, it was a great help. Happy Caravaning Trudgian’s


  3. Hi Dan. Finally hubs and I have found someone with a leaky kampa air pro 390 . As with ours, all was well to start with as it would be in nice weather. Then we used it in the rain and it leaked like a sieve.. On the kampa web site it said the tread used to sew this thing up, had to get wet and dry wet and dry several times so the tread swells and blocks the stitching holes up over time !!!! Have you ever heard of such a thing ? You wouldn’t expect this to happen with a tent ! We spent £800 (or there abouts) on this awning and it’s not fit for purpose. We do love the ease of putting it up, although a little on the heavy side. We’ve never had trouble with twisting poles. We went to Devon this August and for one day we had light rain, but it lasted all day. Water poured in We had to take the ground sheet up, the carpet up, gather everything into the middle under the table and have plastic sheet over everything. There were pools of water at the bottom of the two end poles. Water trickling down the caravan inside of the awning We were fuming! We took little videos of this happening too.Next day we walked around our site to try and find anyone else who had one. We found two,but theirs were just the kampa air not the pro’s. We looked online at reviews to see if anybody else had been suffering with the same problem , they just commented about the weight. Obviously, they haven’t used them in the rain ! It’s out of warranty so we can’t take it back. So the point of ranting all this to you, is, how bad was yours? Did you get your money back? Or did you just bin it. We’re off to Wales this weekend for two weeks and giving it one last chance lol

    • Hi Jane,

      Yes ours leaked like a sieve also. Hence it was useless for our needs. We never got a refund, or help. in the end the awning went in the bin. Our new Rollaway is perfect. I find that we can get this up in about the same time as the air awning. After all – you still need to peg it out, which is the most time consuming part anyway.

      The big turn off the air awning was the drying of the fabric. We simply had no where to put it when it needed drying. So we had to be really mindful of the weather. And when it leaked, pooled on the roof – we simply had enough.

      So sorry your experience was as bad as ours.

      Hopefully you have found another solution now.


      • We to have a Kampa 390 pro, almost 2 years old the roof not a problem as far as leaks go, but is covered in mildew. never been packed away wet or damp. Erected in Spain for 6 months at a time heavy rain sun and high winds. One of the storm straps has rotted (they have faded and leave a chaulky substance on your hands. I agree they are not fit for purpose and we are going to purchase a Westfield roll out.
        Our 390 has only been in it`s bag 7 days max at at a time as we travel Spain Northern Ireland and the Uk. The corner legs have a nasty curve since the the first month in use. We purchased the 390 for ease of erection (I`m 78) the sheer weight of the awning makes it hard work.
        Your page and all the comments have been a great help, thankyou.

  4. Dan , the awning looks great – but what do you normally use / recommend for the flooring in an awning? I’m a Caravanning newbie!

    Many thanks


  5. Hi there.

    Just a recent update. We had an issue with the roof of our Rollaway as one of the loops you use for the tie downs had come away. We conatcted Quest and they did not even quibble about replecing it free of charge as we were within warranty. 3 days from start to finish and we had the new awning. Great service from the manufacturer and i can honestly say we love the awning…….. Would still recommend this awning to everyone.

  6. Hi Dan I have watched your vid a few times but i cannot see how the centre bracket fits in the rail how did yours fit ?sorry if this sounds a stupid question bob

  7. Hi Dan. We are just purchased this awning and put it in the rail but it goes just over the caravan door so struggle to open and close caravan door if we didn’t use the canopy. Any suggestions how we can hold it up a bit further

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