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Removing window scratches

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Removing window scratches

Modern caravan and motorhome windows are made from acrylic. Which means they are light, can be made into any shape, have great thermal properties and can be tinted for improved privacy. Yeah, acrylic windows are great. Another thing they are great for is getting scratched. They are easily scuffed by overhanging vegetation on B roads, can be easily marked by rouge awning poles or scratched by incorrect cleaning practices.

They are so prone to being scratched that there is an entire industry geared up to removing scratches from windows. This can be in the form of products, equipment or services where windows are reworked to remove the damage.

The products these days are fantastic. They can easily polish out many small scuffs, marks and scratches, but the scratches don’t disappear, just the appearance is diminished. This can be problematic for very deep or bad scratches. So, what is the solution?

I’ve developed a process of removing scratches from windows that really works, it uses equipment that can easily be bought on-line or from the high street and requires no specialised tools to achieve a respectable finish.

I recently uploaded a video showing the steps that will remove a deep scratch and I have had great results for our Lunar caravan and our new Ridgeway that met an enthusiastic branch when leaving a campsite in June.

The process is simple, but will require some bravery and some patience, but trust me the results are worthwhile.


The shopping list is quite straight forward and I mentioned no specialist equipment is required. Of course, you can use a polishing wheel and the results will be amazing. Just make sure you use a low speed and minimal pressure, do not get any heat into the acrylic, otherwise it will warp and cause some crazing on the window surface that will never disappear.

So the shopping list:

Wet and dry assortment pack :
▶ Microfibre cloth :

In the video I used Mellerud Polier Paste
▶ ( ) as I have had some great results with it, however another good product is the Fenwicks Window wise
▶ ( This does get rid of blemishes from the windows so if you have small scratches – maybe this will work for you.

This method by the way is a great way of clearing headlights too. I will cover that off in a future video as I have some pretty cloudy headlights right now, and this will work a treat with this method and product selection, so stay tuned for that.


  1. “enthusiastic branch” I have never come across one of those. the branches I encounter are unruly or downright dangerous. Lamp posts and bollard are other things that annoy the life out of me when caravaning. Many’s the time I’ve had to swing wide to avoid them on turns and entering farm gates.
    So far I’ve not had to use any scratch removing techniques but will certainly bear your recommendations in mind, should I need them. A good video and well presented

  2. Hi, thank you for such a brilliant post. I have been reading some blogs that gives me more knowledge about this topic removing window scratches. I must say this is one of the best among them. You have done a great research for I feel, thanks for sharing.

  3. I’ve used Fenwicks on a really bad etching courtesy of wasp spray and it was brilliant. I was amazed that the window returned to normal, having prepared myself to replace the window. The local dealership had recommended it. Anyway, keep up the good work! Your videos have been an inspiration, especially the one installing the DAB radio.

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