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Removing Fridge Mould

Posted by on Nov 22, 2016 in Reviews | 0 comments

Removing Fridge Mould

After a recent trip away I made a bit of a mistake. I forgot to prop the fridge door open, thus removing the possibility of bad smells and the threat of mould build up.

In fact, the smell issue never came about. Instead, the fridge did generate quite a bit of mould around the rubber seal of the Freezer compartment.


The perfect tool for the job is the Kilrock “Blast Away Mould Brush on Gel
As a gel and because it has a brush already attached to the bottle the application is really easy. I simply held the bottle upside down and allowed the gel to lubricate the brush, while the brush tip agitated the solution and removed the mould.

I rubbed the product right into the corners and around the rubber seals to brush away and shift the mould. Once the surface was coated and the effects already apparent, I left it for 30 mins and wiped down the area with a clean damp cloth. I think you’ll agree the results are amazing.




Here is a video on how I got on.



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