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Recipe ideas..

Posted by on Mar 5, 2015 in Featured, Food & Drink | 2 comments

Recipe ideas..

It’s a bit of a paradox really. I want to be able to go away and have great food, yet I don’t really want to take the entire kitchen with me to create a superb meal.

I’ve recently read a book that is aimed at those who are cooking while in their Caravan. The list of equipment and store cupboard items are quite staggering! If you take the contents of the kitchen, where exactly are we going to pack the boules or swingball ?

I’m penning down and creating some of the recipes that we enjoy when we are away and obviously testing them on how easy they are to create while in the caravan. It strikes me that space is always a premium, so little preparation space, and keeping some of the core ingredients to a minimum are the most important aspects of my upcoming cookbook ideas.

So while I am busy creating and testing these meal ideas. Why not get in contact with me if you have any great ideas for cooking in a caravan. I’m looking in particular 1st night away meals, easy BBQ ideas and family favorites. You can tweet me at @angtrudg



  1. Hi Angela,
    I’m new to you and caravaning and wondered if you created a caravan cooking book at all?

  2. Please can you help me with cooking at camp

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