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Measuring caravan awnings

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Measuring caravan awnings

An awning can be the 2nd biggest investment after the purchase of the caravan. So, making sure you have purchased the correct size is obviously quite important.

Years ago, awnings came in 2 flavours: full and porch. But with the introduction of lightweight and air awning styles, the marketplace for awnings and their various sizes is now vast. Caravan manufactures also have their part to play, with placement of windows, lockers and access to power and BBQ points. It can be quite difficult to select the correct awning size. Separate awning manufacturers measure their products in slightly different ways, so knowing what awning will fit your caravan best can be a bit of a guessing game.

In this video, I’m joined by Isabella and I ask them how best to measure a caravan for different styles of awnings and what areas of the caravan one should consider. We look at how full awnings are measured, what the different measurements mean and also look at how to measure up for a porch awning, that could be air or traditional air supported structure.


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