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Lock ‘n’ Level

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Lock ‘n’ Level

Some time ago I created a video showing the basics of levelling a caravan. It was, and still is well received. It did raise some questions from those who struggle with manoeuvring a caravan and those who have an ALKO Secure wheel lock. The idea of the wheel lock is that the alloy wheel on the caravan needs to be perfectly aligned to allow the ALKO secure plate to be positioned and locked in place. This is a challenge when on flat, level ground but, when attempting to level a caravan its almost impossible.
This is where Lock ‘n’ Level really does work out well. The system can be best described as an air sack that sits under a tyre and is inflated to raise one side of the caravan, thus levelling from side to side.

This makes levelling with an ALKO secure lock incredibly simple, as I demonstrate in this video.

There are other benefits too. If pitched up on a soggy grass pitch, the Lock ‘n’ Level can increase the surface area of the tyre and lowers the risk of sinking or bogging down in the mud.

Other benefits also include being able to raise the height of one side of the caravan quite considerably. This, coupled with an axle stand means you can replace tyres and gain access to the underside of the caravan. No need for a heavy jack or jacking points to be added.

To use the Lock ‘n’ Level, all you need is an inexpensive tyre inflater / compressor. We have a digital inflator that we keep in the car at all times, which is powerful enough to also inflate the caravan tyres too.

The system isn’t limited to just single axles, but also twin axle caravans too. Its possibly the best way to align both wheels for wheel locks and makes for levelling the caravan a very simple and effective method.

You can purchase your Lock ‘n’ Level directly from their website.

A Huge thank you to the guys at Lock ‘n’ Level for sharing their product with us. We highly recommend this product.


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  1. Great bit of kit use one with our twin axle van
    Very well made as well

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