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I want to ride my bicycle

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I want to ride my bicycle

In preparation for the times away this year – we have done the unimaginable. We have purchased a collection of Mountain & Hybrid bikes for us all to ride and enjoy our times away.

Quite possibly the most expensive thing on the list to purchase was the roof rack, not only do you need to buy the bars, but the feet pack that is designed for your car, but then the carriers themselves. And no one could tell me if I could get 4 bikes on the roof of our 4×4. So £500 of that was just to bolt them on the car – and no locks either !!

As it turned out – yes no problem. We managed to get the new bikes on the car without any issue. And purchase a nice set of locks to bolt them on too.

So today was the day that we tied the bikes to the car, set off and tried them out on the local Mountain bike trail.

The Croft is a small 5km facility in Swindon that has some easy sections and a more challenging area for you to sharpen your cycling skills on. As it turned out – no one in the family actually was able to attempt the red route – Angela & Tom tried with hilarious nettle stinging consequences (all captured on the Go-Pro too)

Still it did prove that Chloe needs a lot more practice and needs to build her confidence. Angela is still suffering from a sore bottom – but after not cycling for a good 27 years that is to be expected. Tom needs to concentrate a little more, and Dogs (Chops) don’t like bikes !

We will see what fun the coming breaks will bring, but it’s a big thumbs up from everyone with their new bicycles. Anyway here is some footage of Tom racing around like a lunatic on his bike.


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