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Fixing a Thetford C250 Cassette indicator

Posted by on Aug 3, 2015 in Technical | 0 comments

We recently returned from a short break away in Somerset when I discovered to my misfortune that the “tank full” light doesn’t actually work on our toilet. Assuming that the tank really wasn’t that full was to prove my misfortune.

Our toilet is the Thetford C250 cassette type. Its common culprit is a dislodged magnet from inside the toilet cassette. – I located a fridge magnet and attempted to track the fault down. I recorded the fault finding and the eventual fix of the indicator LED – this has been quite a popular video on YouTube so far, So I hope you find the video of some use.

The actual fault in this occasion is the corroded circuit board that contains the reed switch. The connection to the switch was open circuit. By simply remaking this connection and re-soldering the PCB, I managed to resolve the issue. I know that spare boards can be purchased for just a few pounds – I really wanted to show that simple skills, simple kit can be used to fix a tedious problem.

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