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Corner Steady Alarm fix

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Corner Steady Alarm fix

Every 3 days or so, you can guarantee that we are woken up in the early hours of the morning from Phantom Tracker, who notify us that the alarm is going off on the caravan. This is a great service that they provide, but when you know it’s the Corner steady triggering every recent alarm activation, you know its time to fix the fault.

The corner steady sensor fits to the spindle on which you wind up or wind down when raising or lowering the legs. The sensor is in 2 parts. A magnet that is connected to the spindle and the sensor that is connected to your caravan. It’s a crude, but very effective method of alarming the caravan legs. The sensors are very sensitive and the slightest movement will trigger the alarm.

Our magnet was loose on the spindle, so whenever the van moved, rocked or settled; the alarm was activated. In this short video I show how it works and how I resolved the problem sensor. Touch wood – The alarm still hasn’t gone off since this repair.


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