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Colapz, collapsable watering can

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Colapz, collapsable watering can

One of the very first things I realised I needed when we first started caravanning was a watering can. I only realised this after I had to fill the toilet flush tank with 4 kettles worth of water.

Over time, however, we have found a watering can a really useful item to have in the caravan arsenal. We use it to clean the windows, top up Chop’s water bowl and recently we have started to top up the Aqua Roll on a daily basis.

Another essential piece of kit to have on board is a bucket. It is advised on many sites that you carry a Fire bucket filled with water outside each caravan and of course its handy to carry the washing up in too.

Colapz, have created a range of collapsible watering cans, buckets and liquid carriers that are a perfect addition to any caravan or motorhome holiday.


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We filmed a review of the product range and, had a chat with the owner / creator of the Colapz product range.


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