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Cleaning again !

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Cleaning again !

Some say that spring cleaning happens about once a year. I can confirm that owning a caravan, the annual spring clean is intact a lie.

Cleaning happens everytime we go away. We clean before we pack the caravan, we clean after the caravan is packed, we clean when we arrive and of course we clean when we return.

In fact the only time we don’t clean – is when we are on holiday. But then having teenager – we end up tidying and wiping down the surfaces to remove the “teenage” trail of destruction.

So here are some quick tips that we have picked up along the way.

2 types of “cleaning”

I kid you not. There are 2 types of cleaning. and the only difference is where you are. So are you cleaning at home / Storage facility or are you cleaning while you are on holiday.

We discovered that when we were away we wanted to clean off the mud from the front of the caravan and wipe down the surfaces inside. In terms of keeping things tidy – well thats just putting things away and not really a cleaning task.

However when the van is back in its storage facility we want to clean the whole outside and give the van a thorough scrub inside. clean the carpets, wash down the surfaces and give the van a nice polish and a good coat of wax.

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