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Caravan, camping and motorhome show

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Caravan, camping and motorhome show

So how was it for you? I am of course, referring to the caravan, camping and motorhome show. It was from the outset a very popular show with an increase in footfall and popularity. For me however, it felt kind of strange. I feel completely disconnected from the show, and this is 100% down to me.

I did attend the show and I did film lots. But, my filming schedule was for paid work so no content would be coming out on our channel. I am completely fine with this. I thought having a break from filming would help other channels really flourish and share their own experiences of the show. And I really am glad that I made that decision. Seeing footage and coverage of the show from channels I’ve not watched before was brilliant.

So, what did we see. I was filming exclusively for Caravan guard this time around and I had a lot of footage to gather. You can watch the videos here:

It was great seeing the lovely people at Lock n Level. A real success story of British design and manufacturing. And it was lovely to hear the passion and enthusiasm from Derek who told us all about Lock n Level in just 30 seconds. I reviewed the lock n level some time ago, you can see how we got on with it here.

We also popped by the Duvalay stand and met Liz who shared their amazing sleeping solutions for the caravan and motorhome. We already are fond customers of Duvalay, with their toppers, but we are seriously considering purchasing a mattress for our Bailey as the one we have is just too hard. More on this later in the year….

Angela on the other hand was busy buying cheese, salami and Toffee Vodka from the many independent stands along with a new set of pans from Isabella. These pans solve several issues in our caravan, and I think I will complete a review of these in an upcoming video.

Other highlights included seeing so many people at the show and meeting new faces. Although I was unashamedly busy, it was lovely to meet and greet so many of our subscribers and offer a personal thank you for watching and reading our content.

So, how was it for us? In one word. Busy. In fact, it was so hectic I never made it into hall 3 at any stage of the show. This was a real shame for me and like I mentioned I felt rather disconnected from the show, simply because I was too busy and too focused on the job in hand.

Anyway, onwards to the next show where I will pick up the camera once again and share some product launches, layout reviews and spend more time looking around the show.

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