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Camping Wine Holder

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Camping Wine Holder

Sometimes the simplest designs endure the longest and that is no exception with Wine Holders UK. Richard & Lynn have created 2 wonderfully designed, well executed and carefully constructed wine holders. These are perfectly crafted for camping, caravanning or the great outdoors in mind.


WineCooler3Two versions are available. The 1st version is a double glass holder. it supports 2 wine glasses by gripping the stem of the glass and it is remarkably stable too.  We used this version in soft muddy ground. I did expect that with both glasses full and being used frequently the spike would wobble. But no. The holder stayed remarkably steady.



WineCooler1The 2nd version again includes a double glass holder and a really neat bottle cooler mounted in the centre. The cradle surrounds a stainless steel or terracotta wine cooler which is just perfect for maintaining a constant temperature in the bottle.  We used this holder with a full bottle of red wine, 2 glasses and it was used in soft muddy ground. As before it remained really stable. Its incredibly well built, strong and surprisingly light weight.

Either of these wine holders would make a perfect addition to any camping adventure. It frees up valuable camping table real estate and is the perfect height for camping chairs too.

You can pick up a Wine Holder directly from the Wine Holders UK web site. They are available from just £9.99 and various options are available.

All that is needed now is a warm summer evening, the remains of a BBQ and some good company.




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