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Campervan Treks

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Campervan Treks

Planning any holiday can be a time consuming process. The process is no different when you are camping or caravanning. The research into the site facilities, where the nearest town is or how close you are sited against attractions can be a daunting process.

CamperVan Treks have created a package that allows you to take your existing caravan or motorhome on a guided tour of France and have all the stress of planning taken out for you. Today, I’m joined by Matt from CamperVan Treks who will tell us more about this package.

Hi Matt, welcome. So very briefly explain what CamperVan Treks provides?

Hello Dan, thank you. CamperVan Treks provides organised motorhome and caravan holidays for people who want the freedom to travel and visit new places but either don’t have the time to organise such an adventure, or simply enjoy the company of like minded people.

What an excellent idea, What regions of France do you visit ?

We have three tours finalised for 2017, we will be touring the best sites in Normandy, the spectacular French alps (my personal favourite) and Provence-Cote d’Azur with more destinations coming very soon. We will be adding a wine tour and maybe even a winter ski tour!

vert-3How long does each holiday last?

Our current tours are from 7 to 10 nights, but with our flexible travel arrangements clients are free to extend their holiday as they like, or even do two tours with us.

And in that time away, Do you have planned excursions?

On our tours we have optional excursions which we can arrange, anything from horse riding to fishing trips, but we don’t impose excursions as everybody’s taste differs. We do also include two three course meals with wine and two evening drinks and nibbles together as a group to make sure all our guests have a great time. A full list of what is included in each tour is available on our website at

On the tour do you all travel in convoy?

Each day a route plan is provided to clients, they are free to either make their own way to the next destination or to travel with the tour host who will know the best sites to see along the way, and definitely the best places to eat! Each day is different and each day clients will make different choices as to how they will travel, we provide walkie talkies free of charge if desired to help the group stay in touch.

vert-1This would give holidaymakers who are a bit short on confidence a fantastic introduction into touring holidays on the continent, Do you have many first timers ?

Yes, I think our tours are a great way for less experienced holidaymakers to get the very best from a camping tour. As an experienced “campervanist” I know that the idea of just hitting the open road and following the good weather is the dream of a lot of people, but in reality this is easier said than done. We know that most people are too busy to spend a week on the internet to plan a two week holiday, so we have done all the hard work so they don’t have to!

Would you say your clients are family based, couple based or both?

We are a family run company and our clients are both families and couples, we offer free places for children under 8 to keep our tours affordable for people with children.

I see that you mention Motor Homes a lot, It is okay if I’m able to join in with my caravan ?

Of course! Caravans and trailer tents are warmly welcome, personally I always look forward to the campervan V caravan debate around the BBQ, at the moment I prefer my motorhome but I have had caravans in the past and I think I will again in the future.

How many people are on each tour?

Each tour is limited to 12 units, whether they be caravans or campervans, and we are the only motorhome tour company in the U.K who do not cancel your tour if it is under-subscribed so you know that if you book with us your adventure will go ahead.

vert-2I have a couple of friends who want to get a motor home but are really limited on spare time. This sounds like a perfect introduction for them, can they hire a Motorhome through you ?

We can arrange motorhome hire both in the U.K. and France we work with several partners and have special hire deals in place for people who book a tour with us. There is a dedicated page on our website




How many times a year do you complete the guided tours ?

We have eight tours currently scheduled with more to follow soon, and concentrate only on the times of year when our clients can get the best from the region they are visiting. For example we do not run any tours in August, even though they would be a sell out, because we wouldn’t be able to offer the best service to our groups.

So, in a nutshell Matt, what do you provide ?

Motorhome and caravan adventures! You have the freedom to do the things you like on your holiday but we are there to help you as much or as little as you like. We deal with all your campsite bookings, route planning, excursion bookings and make sure you have a great hassle free touring holiday.

Excellent Matt, Thanks for sharing your time with me today, Where can I find out more and book my place ?

You are very welcome Dan thank you, there is more detailed information at where you can reserve your place online in just a few clicks and there is no deposit to pay until 2017! We are also always at the end of the phone to have a chat about our tours on 01733 602307.





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