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Amazon influencers

Posted by on Nov 24, 2018 in Featured, Reviews | 3 comments

Amazon influencers

It has been some time since I sat quietly in the office, just typing some words on the computer in the hope that the words make sentences and make sense. So far, so good. I hope.

A couple of weeks ago Amazon sent me an email asking if I would like to join their influencer program. I quickly clicked read and moved on to more important emails, but in a moment of calm, I re-read the email and investigated the scheme they have now set up in the UK.

The program gives us a storefront on-which we can list and group products that we want to promote. I thought about this idea and after a couple of minutes I started the sign-up process. This idea of grouping products together would be an excellent way of sharing products from many separate manufacturers, yet all have something in common.

For instance, cleaning products. Lots of products exist and I use a wide variety of them, yet grouping these together and sharing them with others has always been slightly ambiguous. Until now.

To be clear, the links are affiliate links which means we get a small percentage of any completed sales. Up to now I’ve used this very modest income to pay towards the web hosting, SSL certificate and up keep of our blog etc. It never quite covers it, but goes towards those bills.



So, the lists. Well I’m still making my way through these and I’m sure there will be more lists coming soon, but for now you can look at what I have created, and if you think I should start another list – please do suggest it to me.

I hope that the storefront will become a valuable resource, The lists will be fluid so things added and removed all the time. In fact, I’ve just added silicon tongs to the Food & Drink list, and I’m not really bothered if purchases are not made through them – it’s a useful resource to group products together.

Let me know your thoughts, oh and here is the link to our Amazon Storefront



  1. Great idea Dan, will look forward to seeing the suggestions

  2. This is a great idea dan and think people will find it reallly helpfull

  3. Dan, how about a non intrusive dampmeter and remote hygrometer?

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