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2016 year in review.

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2016 year in review.

2016 has been an incredible year for us. It has seen our YouTube channel grow from nothing to a well-established source of information and entertainment for caravanning in the U.K.

This year also saw us have some wonderful trips away. Some of which we shared with you on our vlog series of videos. Of course, we didn’t share everything and there is a fine line between sharing every little detail and putting the camera down. It’s a balance that we worked out this year.

The year has also had some devastating low points for us personally too. But it is important that we do not dwell on them and that we only share positive vibes from the year.

It is fair to say the highs have been monumental, the lows have been cavernous, which makes the last 12 months an incredibly surreal experience for every one of us.

Anyway, moving swiftly on. I have accumulated our past 12 months, from our humble beginnings to where we find ourselves right now into a “year in review” video

So, please grab a coffee or tea and enjoy the 10minutes of this review of our year.

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