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2016 bookings

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2016 bookings

Our plans for 2016 are now set. A few sites left to book and we are keeping the latter part of the year open and uncommitted.

So here is the run down of what we have booked so far.





We visit Morton on the Marsh. We love the Cotswolds and it being right on our doorstep means we rarely visit it or make a special outing to visit our much loved surroundings. So far however we have committed ourselves to revisiting Borton on the Water, the Batsford Arboretum and plenty of tea rooms in between.




IMG_0725We visit again after almost 12 months Sandy Balls n the New Forest. We enjoyed our visit there and the Children specifically asked if we could make a return trip. And so why not. We will venture out a bit more on this occasion and take in more surroundings of the New Forest.




For the first time we are down South and West. We venture into the depths of Somerset. Our chosen site is Exebridge Lakeside. The site looks perfectly rural with enough attractions in the surrounding towns to keep us all amused.


IMG_3866The “Usual Suspects” make our 2nd trip away. This year we are camping on the Gower at 3 Cliffs Bay camping site. We are the only ones with a caravan all our friends are pitching up in tents. We will obviously be the iPhone recharging station. And the place for a cup of tea !




We are off to Buxton. I’ve never been, I’ve seen photos it looks amazing. The whole family are very keen for this one. We kept it for the middle of the year to limit the chance of rain and to give us maximum opportunity for some lovely walks in the Peak District.


Tewkesbury. This is within an hour of home. But Tewkesbury is a very fond site from my childhood. The last time I stayed here was 30+ years ago with my Mum & Dad. I know of some wonderful places to visit locally and also to take a trip down the river.

So far that’s it. I think we have enough booked in to keep us amused. Only the Gower & Buxton are any great distance from us, the rest are fairly local. We have chosen local(ish) sites due to commitments that either I or Angela have. This is the best compromise that we came up with.

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