Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam.

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Nextbase 412GW Dash Cam.

If you spend any time on YouTube you will see a whole section of clips dedicated to Dash cam footage. You will be amazed at the collisions, close calls and random events that unfold right in front of your very eyes.

I too have experienced close calls and a variety of random events while driving, but the level of badly behaved drivers right in front of me has escalated since I have been towing a caravan.

A few years ago I did install a dash cam for this exact reason, and while the camera was good, it didn’t last. In fact when I did need the footage, I couldn’t get anything from the memory cards at all.

Last week, Next Base had asked me to review one of their best selling Dash cams. The 412GW Dash cam comes with a whole host of features such as :

  • 1440px (Quad HD) resolution
  • 140-degree lens
  • Wi-Fi connectivity
  • GPS & G Sensor
  • Park Mode
  • Can record up to 4.3 hours on a single 32Gb SD card

The dash cam it self is small, easy to use and very easy to configure if you want to change some of the default settings. I used the Dash cam straight out of the box. Well almost. I did update the firmware, which was easy. I also altered the resolution so it would be easier to demonstrate the footage on YouTube.

I recorded a product review of the Dash Cam which you can see here :


The Dash cam has some very cool features. The GPS can give an accurate location, calculate the speed but it also gives you a very accurate date and time.

Secondly the dash cam has inbuilt Wi-Fi. This means that the dash cam can share its recorded footage with a connected Smartphone (iOS or Android) with Next Base free application. The Wi-Fi is a bit slow, but certainly no slower than if you grab the files off a Go-Pro via Wi-Fi.

DashCam001For these features and because of the quality of the footage I think this dash cam is an excellent investment. Its certainly something I would recommend you own if you tow a caravan.

You can purchase A Nextbase 412GW direct from the Nextbase website or from

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