10K Giveaway

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10K Giveaway

If anyone had said to me back in January 2016, “Dan, your family will have 10,000 subscribers on a YouTube channel next year that is focused towards the UK caravanning scene” I would have laughed at them from a great distance. But here is the reality: We do and we have.

A thank you from me just doesn’t seem to cut this immense milestone, so the only fitting way to celebrate and mark this occasion to to hold a give away.

Up for grabs are 10 prizes from brands and companies we have worked with over the past couple of years. For a full list of the prizes and more details about the competition, head on over to our YouTube channel, subscribe and watch this video.

To enter the competition simply subscribe to our YouTube channel and answer the question below:


Also, so we can contact you to let you know you’ve won, please give us your name, a contact phone number and your email address.

And that’s it. The competition ends on November 6th and we will be selecting 10 random names from the correct entries and contacting the winners on the phone to congratulate them.


Good luck, and a huge thank you for everyone who has subscribed to our channel and enjoyed our videos. Without your support and encouragement, this milestone would have never been reached.

Also, a huge thank you to the sponsors of this competition with their wonderful prizes, I’m sure you will agree its quite a bounty up for grabs.

So, good luck everyone, I look forward to congratulating you on the phone on November 6th.



  1. Keep up the good work!

  2. Well done Dan.

  3. Good blog well done reaching your target

  4. Thank you dan for encouraging us to buy another caravan your YouTube channel is brill love watching all your family videos and your holiday ones as well so would just like to thank you for your enthusiasm yours sincerely neil

  5. Hi all
    Me and my family purchased a caravan in July of this year. Prior to this I didn’t know the front of a caravan from the rear. I started looking online for help, tips & advice and discovered your YouTube channel. Since then we haven’t looked back and we have been on numerous trips around UK in this short time. Having just viewed your ‘thank you video’, can we (the campbells) say a big thank you to you all for helping to make this such an enjoyable experience. Without your how to video’s I think I would now be involved in court proceedings, thank you. Congratulation on your 10k subscribers amazing.
    Keep the vids coming.
    The Campbells

  6. hi dan. won the tickets for nec show and was wondering for what day these are for as can only get there Tuesday or Wednesday. quick reply as need to book a site for 3 nights near NEC. cheers.

  7. so glad I found your channel on here, it’s been a massive help for us. We have sold our family home buying a caravan and travelling the uk . Just wanted to say thank you.

    Adam,fran,kati,harrison and Milo our dog

  8. Oh Danny boy, grit your teeth cos I’ve entered

  9. Hi Dan,
    We pick our first caravan up next month! I have watched your vlogs and have found them very informative, inspirational & funny and you have helped me make my mind up to invest in the caravanning lifestyle. Many thanks keep up the good work.

  10. Hi Dan. We’re from southern Ireland and we invested in a Stirling Eccles 2012 caravan after many of camping. Which we are now convinced the way to go. We have just watched your thank blog and as we have watched all of your blogs so far we would like to take this opportunity to thank you the valuable information and entertainment you have provided for us this year. If you ever come to southern Ireland there will be a welcome Gin awaiting you due to your blog we have decided in 2018 to take a trip over to the caravan and camping show in Birmingham and hopefully we will bump into you. Looking forward to your next blog Joe and Mary Hyde

  11. Hi Dan…it was you and your family which gave the boost to get out new caravan (lunar quasar 544)and we love it yourself and Andrew Ditton have given me so many good and practical ideas which make our caravan experience so much better …well done and thank you keep up the brilliant videos
    All the very best

  12. Hi Dan. Doing a great job for the caravan industry, keep it up. I’ve been caravaning now for over 20 years and still learning from your u tube vlogs

  13. Well done Dan, love the pop pickers bit…lol
    Keep the videos and updates coming pal.

  14. Hi Dan,
    Thank you for all your blogs, we are in the process of getting our first caravan Havant yet chose which to get, everything you have showed us on your blogs have been a great help and you and your family have made me laugh so much.
    Keep up the good work

  15. Hi Dan and the family
    Great channel keep up the good work

  16. Hi Dan, Keep Up The good work !! Love you channel

  17. Hi Dan! Great vlog on YouTube, and congratulations on reaching 10k subscribers!! Some great tips and hacks on there to follow and I can say some of the things you’ve e reviewed have really helped me, as I’m sure they help many other fellow caravanners! Keep up the great work!!

  18. Love the vlogs mate. Great info, great reviews and great fun.

  19. Well done!! 10k!!

  20. Hi Dan, I have only recently subscribed to your YouTube channel and I must congratulate you and your family for putting together the video blogs…they are very informative and enjoyable to watch. Looking forward to the next on….

  21. We love caravanning and catching up with you on YouTube! Keep up the great work

  22. What about the other makes of caravans owned that are included in the question asked, but a good way the limit the entry numbers!!
    Hope to be at the show on the Thursday Will look out for you.

  23. That really made me smile…so “thank you”! Really love following your channel

    Sharron and Ian

  24. Our Saturday mornings wouldn’t be the same without watching your latest YouTube. Thank you !

  25. Thank you so much! Could watch your channel on a daily basis if it was possible! Great work!
    Love from the McNabs in Scotland x

  26. Hi dan,thanks for your patience, much appreciated my friend. .Happy caravanning! !

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